Data Transparency for Carbon Offsetting

We are the world’s largest aggregated data source for carbon offsetting.

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CO2 Project Data

We have aggregated data from the world’s leading carbon offsetting registries.


Our AI and advanced analytics layer allows us to identify unique insights into project pricing, quality, and more

Wide Applications

Our data is used by leading sustainability and carbon consultants, financial institutions, offsetting corporations, project developers, buyers, and academics.

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Clients and Memberships

Unique Data

We have gathered and analyzed millions of data points on over 30,000 carbon offsetting projects globally, and over 300,000 transactions in order to identify:

  • Prices for projects, modeled for SDGs, project type, registry, etc.
  • Vintage forward and backward price curves
  • Volume price premiums and discounts
  • Quality indicators for projects
  • Transaction volumes
  • Buyer information
  • Broker and reseller data and pricing
  • Country and region profiles
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Offset Solutions

Our products help project developers, credit buyers, financial institutions, environmental NGOs, and many others to make sense of the carbon offsetting space. Our capabilities include:

  • Premium data subscription
  • Price benchmarking for transaction
  • Country and sector-wide reporting for Article 6 negotiations
  • Project financing
  • Investor advisory
  • Connecting projects and buyers
  • Calculating CO2 footprint
  • Bespoke consulting and data-backed analysis
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