AlliedOffsets Corporate Buyers Report April 2024

Our April report provides an update on corporate activity in the VCM and the CDR space over the last month.

Our reports enable readers to:

  • Understand which corporates are offsetting with newer vintages, and more expensive credits
  • Find out what companies are buying compliance eligible credits
  • Read more about AlliedOffsets methodology and find out how we rate the corporates
  • Get access to buyer case studies

Other Reports

AlliedOffsets CDR Market Update: April 2024 

Our CDR Market Update provides an update on the latest CDR pricing, investment and capacity trends in the market.

The report includes:

  • Wider market trends
  • Pricing overview by time and by methodology
  • Investment overview, including the top methodologies for investment
  • Facility capacity for BECCS, biochar, and DAC.

AlliedOffsets 2023 Corporate Buyers Report

Our 2023 Corporate Buyers report provides an update on corporate buyer and retirement behaviors and trends in the last year.

AlliedOffsets 2023 Carbon Market Insights Report

Our VCM insights report will provide you with an update on the latest trends and highlights from the voluntary carbon market in 2023.

The report covers:

  • The latest retirements trends
  • Sector analysis
  • Price overview from 2023, including a detailed project co-benefit price analysis
  • An overview of the top buyers in 2023


Buyers of CDR Credits: A Brief

Over the past year, AlliedOffsets have been adding data on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) into our ever-growing database on the voluntary carbon market. This report provides a sneak peek into the demand side of CDR and we wanted to highlight some more companies that are increasingly looking at CDR credits in order to offset their emissions.

Download the full report!